Church of St. John the Baptist

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Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the most beautiful Baroque works in Moravia. The central nave has a 35 m high dome, is 21 m long and 16 m wide. Above the entrance is a sculpture of Christ’s baptism with adoring angels. The domes and towers are covered with copper sheet, on the towers there are silver St. John’s crosses. The interior paintings were created by Jan Jiří Etgens, Josef Stern, Felix Ivo Leicher and the Rector of the Vienna Academy, Michelangelo Unterberger. The sculptures are by Pavel Troger, the carvings come from Jan and Michael Scharter, the stucco by Pavel Ramelli. The organ for choir is the work of František Katzer from Králíky. The motif in the choir are scenes from the life of St. John the Baptist created by Etgens. The miniatures are the work of Stern, he also completed the frescoes after Etgens’ death.

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