Church of St. Mořic

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It is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Moravia and dates from the 13th century. Bishop Bruno of Schauenburg, a leading adviser to Přemysl Otakar II, founded the church and chapter after the German chapters. The original part consisted of a presbytery with two towers. The first archbishop of Olomouc, Colloredo-Waldsee, rests in the chapel. Above the altar is a sculpture of Pieta worshiped on the pilgrimage day of a painful Friday before Easter. The painting above the altar shows the torture of St. Mořice. As a Christian, he refused to sacrifice to pagan idols and was tortured with his comrades-in-arms. On the sides of the main nave are two pairs of coats of arms – Bishops Bruno of Schauenburg and Stanislav Thurz and coats of arms of Stanislav Pavlovsky and Charles II. from Liechstein. Antonín Arche carried out the neo-Gothic reconstruction of the church after the great fire of 1836.

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